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What a unique and interesting game. Really looking forward to a full release.

I wrote a bit about it in my blog also:

Yeah thanks a lot for featuring Don't Kill Her in your blog! I'm really glad you liked the game so far. I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy what's coming next. I'm also dying to see how people will react on how the story unfolds! :]

I tried Piawk after reading your post and that was a very nice discovery. So thanks lot for that too!

Glad to be of assistance :)

I know you saw part 3 of this game, but I thought I would share the first video we made.

Not sure which drugs I actually took but it must have been some really good ones! :-)

This game is amazing although I currently don't understand anything about the plot. :-)

Ahah, glad you liked it. If I might say so, don't be afraid. This odd mystery surrounding the plot is totally normal. That's part of Her plan. The more you'll play, the more clues you'll collect that will help you understand what's She's trying to tell you.

Anyway thank you for playing and sharing your feedback! :]

Hello hello! This was a truly wonderful experience! I love the style and the gameplay was very fun! I've recorded my gameplay through the Demo and I've shared it on Youtube to help spread the word. I look forward to a full game release and seeing Her story in full. I'll definitely be watching for it! :D

Hey! Thank you for your kind words and your video :]
I'm pretty sure what She has to offer won't disappoint you. Can't wait to have your feedback on the full game!

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Hello :) I don't want to seem overreactive, but I'm deeply in love with your game (okay, maybe I overreact a little).

But honestly, your art is what I prefer the most in drawing and animation : black and white, twisted, underground, strange, polished, punk... and you awesomely integrated it in your game ! That's the first time I see those graphics in video game, and i was amazed.

Also the stor... the narrati... the whatever is happening is really really cool !

Wish you the best for the development, I'll definitively buy your game when it will be released :D



Hey, I feel ashamed, I didn't see your comment until today. Anyway, thanks a lot for your kind comment, it's really cheerful and I appreciate it. If you liked the beginning of the game, I'm pretty sure you'll like what's comes next :]

I know the story/narrative/whatever may be a bit confusing at the beginning, but that's working as She expected. That's all part of Her plan.


Hi !

You're welcome, i think all I said, you deserve it :) Indeed it's a bit confusing, but in the best way ! I'm totally looking forward to see what's coming next ^^

Maybe as She want o_o